Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Baby Kitties

Name: Erica Limberg

Shop Name : The Baby Kitties

Location: St. Paul, Minnesota


I'm happy to welcome Erica to our group. Erica's a greenie vintage seller who believes in repurposing and selling vintage goodies, ephemera, collectibles and supplies. She loves dealing in vintage and keeping these items alive instead of landing unwanted in a landfill.

Erica loves to trade items with other sellers and has her store stocked full of affordable deals at all times. In June of 2009, I wrote an article about here in the Funky Junque Chronicles (Read it HERE) . At that time she had 790 sales. Just six months later, she has nearly doubled that. What's the secret Erica? I need to know!

I can only assume the forumla is

Good stuff + Great prices + Great customer service = Total Sweetness.

Here are some highlights from Erica's shop. This item she is selling as a tiny planter or toothpick holder. Just an example of Erica's love for repurposing things!
Vintage Tiny Baby Bootie Planter

Vintage Hot Dog Shaker

Vintage 1950 movie advertisement THE OUTRIDERS

Welcome Erica and thanks for joining. Visit Erica HERE.

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