Saturday, February 6, 2010

ChersPassion : Revisited

Shop Name: ChersPassion

Location: Baltimore, MD

Owner: Cherri Miele

Etsy Shop Link:

Cherri's shop is filled with a wide variety of artwork, that is fully functional and home and garden decor that is great for decoration . The best part, is she implements recycled, and discarded goods in her work to bring you these one of a kind creations.

Wearable Art & Accessories
These wearable art rings, are my favorite and made out of upcycled bottle caps:

A real steal at their average price of $5, this Rose one HERE.

A lot of work went into this cigar box etched butterfly purse, on sale for $85 it is functional and well made.

When asked about her art, she explains, "Unlike something machine made, I believe art has it's own personality. It tells it's own story, and as it changes hands, the pages of it's story are further written."
Cherri pours her heart and soul into each piece, and is often inspired by nature. She says, "In my work you will find original concepts incorporated in something similar you may have seen before, but you'll notice the difference right away."

My favorite creations she makes are those out of natural wood found from a local beach.  These driftwood pieces are turned into keychains, garden art, and home decor.

$25 for this upcycled driftwood sign is a real steal, I love the way the gems catch the sun!  

Cherri is not limited to one medium, so be sure to check out her shop for great items, and wonderful gift ideas!  She has been known to upcycle everything from soda pop bottles (for spinners) to tin cans (for cat purses!)

Repurrrposed PURSE built custom order, check 'em out HERE.

Check out her store HERE. 
Read her blog
Fan her on Facebook here!

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