Saturday, February 6, 2010

Colleen Attara Studio

Shop Name: Colleen Attara Studio

Location: Bucks County, PA

Name: Colleen Attara

Shop Link:
Conversation Window with black frame

Colleen describes herself as an "all or nothing kind of artist." Her art is perfectly imperfect. Color themes aren't chosen for their "ability to match", but instead chosen for bold and cheerful statements. Colleen uses reclaimed and discarded goods in her work. She has working relationships with local sign shops and plastic fabrication companies that allow her to do this. Using scrap plastics and pieces of old signs are elements that allow her work to become three dimensional! An old picture frame with dents and paint drips magically transforms into something new, left with the evidence of it's former life. Her colorful eco-friendly art is a must see and makes wall decor!

Colleen says, "When I am getting ready for a show, I have a few weeks where I do nothing but create. There is paint on my face and even on the bottom of my feet. Sleep and food become less important. Coffee, music and candles become more important. Pressure spurs me and makes me even more creative. By the time this frenzy is over, I will go weeks without picking up a paintbrush. I’m lucky to have a husband and children who tolerate the ebb and flow of my creativity."

Conversation Window with shabby chic frame

Conversation window with white layer cake

Bathing House limited edition giclee print on canvas

Check out her website here:

Go to her Etsy Shop HERE.

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