Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Early Girl

Shop Name: The Early Girl

Name: Shannon

Location: Harpswell, Maine

Shop Link:
Willa Pearl Sleeping Baby Pillow

Happy Birthday Tippy Cake

Shannon's shop shows her love for sewing. Her passion comes from growing up with her mom in Georgia. Shannon said, "She aways had a sewing project on the dining room table, crochet needles in a basket beside the couch, and a cross-stitch project in her pocketbook. My daughter, Haley, reminds me of my mom in her innate creative spirit and vision. She once knit a bathing suit for Kira-the-shih-tzu and used a furry fleece to design a mock-braid when she grew weary of her too-short bob hairstyle."

Shannon finds sewing therapeutic and often will use recycled or upcycled fabrics in her work.

Ida Ruth Sleeping Baby Pillow

Ruby Louise Sleeping Baby Pillow

Check out her Etsy Shop HERE.

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