Monday, February 8, 2010


Shop Name: Island Girlz Jewelry

Owner: Marlene

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Marlene's shop motto is "Recycle, Revamp & Restyle." Here you will find an eclectic mix of fashionable accessories upcycled from everyday items. Store Stock includes one of a kind Scrabble Pendants, adorable Scrabble Bracelets, unique Keepsake Boxes, and must-have fashionable Purses. Marlene says, "Everyday items that could end up in a landfill are restyled into pieces of wearable/functional art. Scrabble tiles, cigar box purses, washers, game pieces, boards, cans, innner tubes - you name it-you'd be surprised at what can be revamped into wearable or fucntional art. In short, it's Fashion with a Conscience."

Years ago Marlene started the craft business out of necessity, being a single mom with two sons. These ideas came naturally to her, as upcycling is something she truly believes in. It's no wonder her store does so well, her items are so beautiful because she puts her heart into each one of them. This shop is a great place to find that unique gift idea!

Visit her ETSY shop HERE.

Follow her on Facebook HERE.

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