Saturday, February 6, 2010


Kool Bags Plus

Shop Name: Kool Bags Plus

Owner: M.J.

Location: Midwest (Tornado Alley)

Etsy Shop Link:
Tote Bag (Medium)

M.J.'s shop is a great example of recycling and reusing. You know those Kool-Aid, Capri Sun, and other non-biodegradable pouches that would otherwise clog up our landfills? Fret no more, thanks to M.J. they are being upcycled into something useful for every day use! Her amazing designs include a tote, purse, billfold, and more. She's been sewing for over 20 years and takes pride in the quality of her items, making sure a zig-zag quality stich job makes your item durable to last for years to come! You'll also find original designs sewn by M.J. in here also!
Billfold (red)


Visit her shop on Etsy HERE.

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