Saturday, February 6, 2010


Shop Name: MeganLeone (Megan Leone Designs)

Owner: Megan Leone (Kavanaugh) Miller

Location: Boston, MA

Etsy Link:

Megan's Etsy Bio says it all: "fashion from the ashes recycled - reimagined"

Megan says, "I am a one-woman company. Everything is designed, cut, sewed and finished by me. My accessories are handmade with an eye for design and unique craftsmanship that makes each piece a pleasure to own and use. I strive to keep my company eco-conscious by using vintage and recycled materials. All packaging and paper I use is also recycled."

From belts, rings, and all upcycled things (even the best ever bracelet purses), you'll never know what creations await for you in this store. Megan Leone Designs has been the talk of many people, word is spreading and it's no wonder why. Make sure to read all the press HERE.
Think Pink...Retro Print Neon Orange Bracelet Purse

Black Leather Thigh Holster

Purple and Navy Zipper Rosette Headband/Headpiece

Canary Yellow Zipper Rosette Ring

Visit her Etsy shop HERE.

Or, learn more about her on her website at

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