Saturday, February 6, 2010


Shop Name : Nan's Redesigns

Owner: Nan

Location: Massachusetts

Shop Link:
Amy Butler and Organic Cotton Pleated Coco Tote

Nan is an artist and interior designer, who has been sewing since her mother taught her early on. Her purses and fashions are made from recycled fabrics. She says, "Every purse, sling bag, and tote is expertly made by me using an eclectic mix of new, vintage, and repurposed textiles. I now offer organic fabrics. Made with complete bliss and hope for a peaceful whole earth. "

She says, "The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that every year 4 million tons of textile waste rots in landfills, producing methane gas which contributes to global warming! The green movement is about recycling products, redesigning them for use, and renewing the earth; add to that a love of fabric and a passion for sewing, and the combination gave birth to Nan's Redesigns."
Floral Coco Tote

Red Corduroy Appliqued Sasha Sling Bag

Hats and High Heels Maxine Slouchy Purse

Be sure to check out her shop HERE.

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