Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Only Girl

Name: Pamela Morrow

Shop Name : The Only Girl

Location: Flagler Beach, Florida

Link to Store:
Geoffrey the giraffe fused plastic tote

Pamela's shop is full of awesome upcycled fused plastic bags, great for everyday use as a handbag, using something durable for shopping, beach bumming, or for a great book tote! Pamela has been sewing for 44 years, and was ecstatic when she found out that by fusing bags, she could create a durable material of which to make things. Pamela feels, "I want to do as much as I can and I believe with all my heart that if every person did just one thing everyday to help eliminate waste we could make such a huge difference one person at a time."
Esmeralda Tote made by fusing plastic bags

Pamela is a that is a recycler, and upcycler. She says, "I do not like to waste and there is so much trash everywhere you look. Before I throw anything away I ask myself if I can use it for something else or can I make something useful out of it. I love the fact that I can take plastic bags and make something really useful and beautiful. I think that what motivates me the most about fusing plastic and recycling, reusing, etc. is that it helps to keep items from going to landfills. Plastic bags are everywhere they shouldn't be...along roadways, waterways, ponds, lakes, forests, beaches, and I could go on and on about where they end up. I truly believe that we have been given countless gifts of life in many forms and that it is our responsibility to respect those gifts. The wildlife that live among us are victims of our wasteful living, they cannot clean up after us. I once read a pamphlet while volunteering on beach clean up day that said, 'there is a face behind every piece of trash.' I have never forgotten that statement and thought to myself how true it was."

Liquor Bottle Tote made by fusing plastic bags
Visit Pamela's shop HERE.
Pamela also has a sister shop called "Hey I Remember That" on Etsy as well. Visit that HERE.or read more about it in this directory!
The Children's Place Tote made by fusing plastic bags

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