Sunday, February 7, 2010


Shop Name: SerendipiT

Owner: Elizabeth

Location: Baltimore, MD

Etsy Shop Link:
Cute Handmade Paul Frank Recycled Tshirt Purse with Primary Colors and Buttons

Elizabeth's shop is full of fun and practical accessories that she makes out of other reclaimed materials. She is a treehugging creator of things, and is doing a great job recycling and upcycling used garments, or discarded items into affordable fashions that will enhance your life.

In her shop you will find cool bags and purses made from reclaimed clothing, or an adorable t-shirt wrap skirt. I am in love with her awesome handmade bows, (see below) which is case in point that you never know what will pop up here!

Elizabeth invites you to reduce your carbon footprint, do something good for the Earth and your wallet by purchasing something fun or funky from SerendipiT!
Wrap Skirt from Recycled Tshirts

Upcycled Paper Gift Bows - Pack of 10

Check out Elizabeth's Blog at DIY Life HERE.

Visit her Etsy shop HERE.

Glasses Bag

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