Saturday, February 6, 2010

Stil Novo Design

Shop Name: Still Novo Design

Name: The Capaccioli Family (Camilla, Stefano, and kids!)

Location: California

Shop Link:

The Verry-Berry, Hand Painted, Finest Oak Wine Barrel Stave Candle Holder, 5 candles, elegantly recycled wood, one of a kind.
Stil Novo Design hsa an Etsy shop full of creative eco-friendly home decor & gift ideas. All of this is made by recycling reclaimed solid white oak wine barrels. Most people don't realize that after several years wine barrels are retired, and often discarded.

The Capaccioli's do their part in reclaiming this wood and turning it into the finest woodcrafts. Brining specialty pieces & custom furniture to you, with each piece being a 'one of a kind' item.

Some items are even embellished with lovely hand painted designs. Be sure to check out their items, which include chairs, tables, benches, keychains, and candleabras. You never know what you will find here.
Green Bits keychain, Fluffy White, recycled reclaimed oak wine barrel stave, hand painted, one of a kind

The Rocking Green Horse, RECYCLED solid white oak.

The Green Chair, RECYCLED solid French white oak

The Dome, charming little stool, RECYCLED solid French white oak barrel staves

The Ribbon, Finest Oak Wine Barrel Stave Candle Holder 5 or 7 candles, elegantly recycled wood, choose your color

Connect with her on Facebook HERE.
Check out an Interview and learn more about Stil Novo Design HERE.
Check out their Etsy Shop HERE.

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