Saturday, February 6, 2010

Urban WoodsWalker

Name: Mary Anne

Shop: Urban Woods Walker

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Mary Anne is an inspiration to me. She's an Eco-Artist who makes everything from recycled and upcycled goods. She is truly a busy bee and can hardly keep her Etsy Store stocked. Things sell QUICK HERE.

What's unique about Mary Anne is her genuine approachability and the desire to share ideas and network with other artists for the greater good. (Friendly convos welcome!) She shares wonderful photos of her work, and works in progress at her flicker group under this link.

Once an illustrator, graphic designer, animator, and art educator, (and yes, even a model), Mary Anne has done it all. Now she does what she loves to do, CREATE RECYCLED ART!

Check out some of her work:

Bracelet Aluminum CHAIN Pull Tab  - Men or Women or Children

Felt Brooch - Deer and Flowers - Bright Colors

Red Bull Necklace Recycled Aluminum Beverage Can

Visit Mary Anne here.
Also, be sure to read more about her on our MEMBER SPOTLIGHT page as she made the spotlight for Dece 2009!!!

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