Saturday, February 6, 2010


Shop: WrapCycle

Name: Janet Michal

Location: Atlanta, GA

Etsy Shop:
Eco Personalized Passport Cases

Janet's passion for all things environmental and ecological are carried over into her shop. Using recycled or repurposed materials and fabrics found at local recycling centers, yard sales, or thrift stores, her shop is a true example of greener living.

Janet's products include unique ecological cases for laptops, passports, business and credit cards, and other accessories from a huge variety of repurposed fabrics and other materials. She also offers embroidered personalization of all items of which you may contact her about. Janet encourages custom orders -- and is open to adding new products based on her customer's needs.
Floral Padded Eco LapTopWrap - 99.9 percent recycled materials - 100 percent unique
A Trio of Padded Laptop Sleeves - 99.9 percent recycled, 100 percent unique

Monogrammed Eco Padded Blue Denim Laptop Messenger Bag

Check out her shop HERE.

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