Sunday, March 7, 2010


Shop Name:  Emporesszia

Owner: Layne

Location:  Lancaster, PA

Shop Link:

Layne's "Yarn Bin" sells upcycled and recycled yarns in a wide variety of styles and colors.   Here you will find  "destash" quality yarns at AFFORDABLE prices.  You may also find destash supplies such as Layne's excess beads also!  Do check often as you will also find some of Layne's handknit items using her recycled or destash yarn such as hats, blankets, etc.  Custom orders are encouraged! Note: The photo below contains yarn from a sweater Layne found at a thift shop.  It is in great condition and awaiting it's new home.  A real steal at the price!

 Check out her shop now HERE.

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