Wednesday, March 17, 2010

WasteNot iphone Application

WasteNot gets around! This is a non-Etsian but someone who is just as concerned about greening things up as we are -- in fact, they may even have some "etsy recyclers guild team " seeds planted soon. 

This is is an iphone application where you can plant seeds and go greener! AMAZING!

3/17/10 - SAN FRANCISCO, California — Kismet World Wide Consulting LLC announced today their first release of WasteNot, an app for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad that helps people green the world and know their impact. With WasteNot, people can find and share good ideas that can reduce their waste and their impact on the environment, then watch to see how big a difference their actions and ideas have made worldwide.


WasteNot helps people:

YOU CAN Browse and Search for good ideas (called “Seeds”) to find simple things they can do to reduce their impact on the environment.

YOU CAN Plant Seeds to share their own good ideas with people around the world.

YOU CAN Water Seeds to let WasteNot know that they are using those ideas in their life.

WasteNot will keep track of all of the waterings so they can see how much of a difference they and everyone else using WasteNot are making.

YOU CAN See where Seeds have been watered through interactive, zoomable heatmaps.

YOU WILL Know their impact by watching the worldwide savings of their ideas (Seeds) and actions (Waterings) grow in WasteNot’s unique “MyGarden” interface.

You can watch a demonstration video of WasteNot, and learn more about the features at:

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