Wednesday, March 3, 2010

PRKC (Corn Husk Dolls)

Shop Name:  PRKC

Owner: Paula Kermiet Connolly

Location: Boulder, Colorado

Shop Link:

Paula finds a use for old corns husks, fashioning them into one of a kind corn husk dolls.  These collectible art dolls are very detailed and much time goes into them. You may also find ornaments, bookmarks, and more!

Paula explains it best in her announcement, "I've been making Corn Husk Dolls for over 40 years. I learned the craft as a child from my aunts, the Ritchies, of Viper, KY. I make all styles of dolls, from the traditional family ones to my own fantasy creations. I love doing special orders such as wedding cake toppers to match the happy couple. One of the more unusual dolls that I made was a Darth Vader."

Check out this shop HERE.
Be sure to also check out her sister shop of upcycled and vintage art including awesome record bowls HERE.


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