Monday, March 22, 2010


Shop Name: WestCoastSeaGlass

Owner:  Mary Beth Beuke

Location:  Rugged and Pacific Northwest, USA

Shop Link:

This shop is owned and operated by Mary Beth, who is also the President of the North American Sea Glass Association.  Known for having one of the largest selections of beach combed  bulk sea glass and authentic handmade creations, you are sure to fall in love with this shop.  Each sea glass item comes with a story, the name of the ocean and beach it was combed from.  Mary Beth explains, "Sea glass is a timeless reasure. It begins its journey as refuse glass that was broken then discarded into the sea."

Here you will find jewelry of all kinds from earrings to bracelets, but also do it yourself kits and some supplies such as the glass itself also.  This store has been subject of many blogs and articles, including featured in Denmark's International Diving Magazine!  She is a member of all the teams below!

Custom orders are welcome and encouraged.
The weekday contact phone number to Mary Beth  is 360-461-9560.

Visit her shop HERE.

Please join the West Coast Sea Glass Facebook Fan Page here:

MEMBER: Designer Jewelry Showcase

MEMBER: Northwest Art Alliance

MEMBER: Etsy Supply Street Team

MEMBER: Etsy Recyclers Team  

MEMBER: OPT - Olympic Peninsula Team

MEMBER: North American Sea Glass Association

MEMBER: Green Your Theme - Seattle

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Erin said...

Ooooh! Seaglass! I love it!!! Welcome to the team!


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