Thursday, April 15, 2010

Chase Vintage

Shop Name:  Chase Vintage

Owner: Shelli Adams

Location: San Clemente, CA

Shop Link:

This wonderful shop is sister shp to VintageChase.  ChaseVintage offers the best in vintage finds, antiques, and home decor. Shelli explains, "This store reflects my belief that it's the eclectic mix of casual, dressy, and 'storied objects' that make a room exciting to be in, exciting to live in. So grab a cup of whatever suits your fancy, stroll around, and enjoy!"

Shelli is certainly well traveled , she grew up in California but went to college on the East Coast. She spent some time in Central America and lived on an island in Washington. She had a custom bikini business in high school.....add all that to the talent in her family, her mother at 87 still sewing and creating daily.  Besides this store, she has her wonderful handmade purses at sister store VintageChase HERE.  

Check out her sister store Chase Fabrics for cool fabrics at great prices HERE. Her daughter , also on Etsy, sells wonderful items at RiordanStudio, so be sure to chat that Etsy shop out HERE.

Don't forget to check out her personal website at

Catch up wtih her on Facebook here:

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