Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Treats from The Etsy Recyclers Guild Teams

As originally featured on my IraMency blog today:

Happy Easter to all of you! If you take some time to shop in between the dying of eggs and running to the parents for dinner, do check out these cool easter things on Etsy!  From top left to bottom right, Milly the Bunny from WrittenWorld on Etsy,  Baby Pink Daisy the Eco Friendly Elephant from RevivalVintageDesign on Etsy,   Petunia the Rabbit from SarahE on Etsy,  Pink Bunny Suit (Possessed) by BeatUpCreations on Etsy,  Little Rabbits by PaperLeaves on Etsy.

For the rest of you non-shoppers enjoy the beauty of the day!

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helga said...

I love this blog, where do you find the time to do everything


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