Sunday, April 25, 2010


Shop Name:  emilygracesuitcase (emily grace & the yellow suitcase)

Owner: Emily Grace Goodrich

Location:  San Diego, CA

Etsy Shop Link:

Emily's products are beautiful and delicately upcycled.  The color pallet she offers is truly amazing.

She explains, "Each item is made from heat fused plastic.  The medium being recycled plastic grocery/shopping bags. With the exception of wallets, which don't use wire, the plastic is then hand-stitched to wire to make the pieces flexible and more durable. This is a very time-intensive project, but it results in beautiful, unique accessories that are perfect for recycling enthusiasts and jewelry aficionados alike."

Her shop is loaded with gorgeous designs, and new stock added often.

Visit her shop NOW.
Or visit her personal website at


LizzieCaye said...

super pretty!!

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