Thursday, April 15, 2010


Shop Name:  Erins Apparel

Owner: Erin Stevens

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Shop Link:

Erin comes to us all the way from Lithuania.  Her creations are one of a kind chic and stylish upcycled clothing.   She explains, "I am an apparel artist.  My current collection's underlying theme is 'reuse, renew, recycle'. With that in mind, I focus on altering 'once loved' clothes, sometimes drastically, to give them a new life. I take time to choose materials and colors that will create a wearable piece of art, whether it is simple or sleek, casual or sophisticated, each piece has had its share of love put into it."

Her work is amazing and she offers shipping to the states in a reasonable timeframe.  You will find everything from sweaters to dresses here--new stock is added often.  Custom orders are also encouraged!

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