Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kentucky Green

Shop Name: Kentucky Green

Owner:  Kathy

Location:  Paris, KY

Etsy Shop Link:

Upcycled salt shakers from chair legs, hair clips from vintage buttons, and hot pads from vintage fabrics are just a few things you'll find in this cool eco friendly shop.   A family business, Kentucky Green incorporates a little from each family member's line of expertise.

Kathy explains, "We are a family of creative souls who are dedicated to making unique creations that are kind to the Earth. I (owner of )make natural body and home care products, soy wax candles, recycled gift card jewelry and bookmarks, and jewelry from vintage buttons."

Her daughters, the Green Gerlz,  help with all of this.  Kathy says, "They are great at making lip balm and packaging and sorting buttons! The girlz make coffee cozies from recycled wool sweaters. Their profits help support orphans in China and Ethiopia."

That's not all.  Kathy's mother makes the natural soaps for them.  Her sister ( ) makes all sorts of cool stuff from vintage, flawed linens. Her brother-in-law ( creates salt & pepper shakers from recycled furniture parts

I am so pleased that this entire family is taking part of reducing their carbon footprint!  Learn more about her here at or visit the Kentucky Green  NOW.

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