Sunday, April 25, 2010


Shop Name: LeChatCrochet

Owner: Astrid Sikkema

Location: Amsterdam, Holland

Etsy Link:

Astrid's main focus is creating one of a kind indie hand crafted items that reduce the carbon footprint.  Using recycled, upcycled, and reclaimed materials, her products make for greener solutions.   You will find everything in this store from purses to baskets, reuseable faceclothes, hand crocheted earrings and felted baskets.....  

She says, "Frugality is a virtue in the flat lands where I grew up. Since I was a child I've learned to craft with scrap, leftovers and reused materials to save money. Now with the necessity to save our Earth reuse has a gotten new dimension. I'm proud to present you with Dutch design made exclusively with materials that were destined to have ended in the landfill."

Her designs are lovely, useful, and affordable.  There's something for everyone in this store!

Read her 'trash adventures' on

See more pictures and read more about her craft designs on:

Read her feature in the Feminist Review" HERE.

Visit her Etsy shop NOW.

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