Thursday, April 29, 2010


Shop Name:  LitKids

Owner:  Matt Hinrichs

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Shop Link:

Matt is an artist and graphic designer in Central Phoenix. 

Check out his portfoloio HERE.

He also illustrated the children's book "Mama Cat." 

Matt runs  "Scrubbles.Net", a website that is one of my favorites.  Matt says of his new venture, " I started LitKids for two reasons.  One, to get back into silkscreen printing (which I love), and to channel a love of classic kid's literature into art that everyone can share and appreciate."

Matt is using backgrounds from his collection of old vintage children's books, and silk screening one of a kind whimsical characters onto them.  Silkscreening is a big alternative to commercialized printing.  Matt then sells limited edition serigraphs of his work.

These make great gifts for adults or children alike, to decorate any home or decor.   Matt believes in taking something old and making it new again, preserving some of the best stories ever in his artwork--his love for vintage shines through.  Outside of Etsy, Matt has a great love for all things green including using reclaimed objects, collecting vintage, repurposing, and recycling. 

Check out LitKids HERE.


RekindleMe said...

I love the silkscreening - what a great idea! I will be on the lookout for more of your work around the Valley!! Welcome to the group!

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