Thursday, April 22, 2010


Shop Name: relove

Owner:  Sarah

Location:  Florida, USA

Shop Link:

Sarah has a love for paper - she calls herself an avid collector of vintage papers, interesting materials, and beautiful items from nature. She says, "My love affair with collecting started as a child. My father, an antique dealer by trade, would bring me along on his hunts where we would rummage through piles of unwanted goods looking for rare antiques. He taught me to appreciate quality items filled with historical value."

That she does.  Sarah explains, "Some of the items she's accumulated over time include interesting books, coloring pads with classic imagery, vintage school books and supplies, unusual packaging material, used sketchpads, vintage ruled paper, well worn game boards, vintage flashcards, reclaimed ribbons and threads, vintage seam binding and lace, high quality wrapping paper, vintage buttons and sewing notions, one of a kind maps, driftwood, rare sea shells, sea sponges and beans, rusty metals and keys, and much more. "

All of these articles in her stockpile of supplies are repurposed, reused, and remade into something practical and desirable in her shop.  Do check over, stock is ever changing!  Sarah says, "Each piece is special and one of a kind."  I couldn't agree more.

Her Cream Natural Sponge Sculpture was featured in this storque article!

Visit Sarah's shop HERE.

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