Thursday, April 22, 2010

Royal Redneck

Shop Name: Royal Redneck

Owner: Anne

Location:  Foster City, California

Shop Link:

Anne's shop contains items she's repurposed or made by herself - with items coming out of thrift stores or salvaged from her hometown in California.  She says, "Most of my items are either recycled or meant to cut back on your waste. Shopping for supplies is done at Goodwill, Thrift Stores or my recycling bin :-)" 

Items include repurposed purses, upcycled clothing, one of a kind flower dish cloths, shopping bags (reusable!), things for baby, and so much more --you'll even find some supplies here!

Anne also wants to go the extra mile.  She explains, "I also want to use my shop as a possiblity to make a difference. Since I dont have the financial means like a lot of you do in this economy I was hoping this might help. "  Anne provides the following links for all of you --- a few easy and quick ways to help:

Visit her shop NOW!

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