Thursday, May 13, 2010


Shop Name: EmilyCraft

Owner: Emily

Location:  San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Shop Link:

EmilyCraft is a collection of clothes for play and adventure. Most of my Emily's designs are made from recycled or upcycled t shirts and sweaters.  She is an expert in "Fairie Couture!"

Emily makes some of the most realistic fairy costumes anywhere. She says, "If I were a fairy, and I suddenly found myself too big to wear petals and leaves, this is what I would wear instead."  Some designs are modeled after  Disney fairies like Tinkerbell and Silvermist, or Rosetta.  Each is handmade, and her attention to detail is amazing.  If you want to dress your child like a fairy for a special event or for an upcoming Halloween, this is the place to find a beautiful costume!

Emily is also a proud member of Eco-Etsy.  Go and check out her Etsy shop NOW.

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