Monday, May 31, 2010

Spotlight Award February 2010


Shop Name: WasteNot Saks™

Owner Name: Kwan

Location: Granby, MA

I'm pleased to annouce my Spotlight Member for February 2010. I'm so exicted that WasteNot Saks™ is a new member of our team, and as Team Leader, I'm so happy to have recuited her .

You see, I found her by accident, when we had Cyn from Tranzendental Arts propose our "WasteNot" team tag. I noticed the WasteNot Saks™ coming up and thought to myself, "Oh no, this shop has trademarked the name and we aren't going to be able to use it!" I wrote to her and explained who we are and that we would like to use the tag.

Kwan replied and told us that tag made perfect sense for our team and would be perfectly fine with us using it. When I looked more into her shop I realized, her shop exudes everything our team strives to be, but technically does not fall into our guidelines. This made me rethink our team guidelines ---what if you are not a recycle artist or vintage seller, but eveyrthing you do promotes recycling and a greener earth? Shouldn't these sellers be included also? Isn't that the whole point of our team?

Of course they should.

So I invited her and thanks to Kwan, will invite others who promote the same.

Kwan offers handmade reusable sandwich and snack bags. She provides an eco friendly alternative to the normal sandwich and snack bags - thereby reducing landfill waste and nasty plastic floating in our oceans. She explains, "Each eco-friendly bag is made with a stylish cotton exterior and lined with a water-resistant, FDA approved, food safe nylon. Our items contain no PVC, no Phthalate, no BPA, and no Lead. An added bonus of using nylon is that your food will not come into contact with polyurethane as it would with a PUL liner."

I'm so pleased to have her here with us. In her shop stock is always changing, and in addition to the regular snack and sandwich bags, sometimes you will find lunch sets, doggie treat bags, and waste free lunch sets.

Kwan's history from her BIO:

I am a full-time mom of two young boys and a part-time pediatrician. I began designing and sewing items for my children in my spare time after becoming increasingly frustrated by the lack of quality and style in the mass-produced items litter big box stores.

As my boys are getting older I find that I am using an incredible amount of disposable plastic bags, paper sacks and napkins for their school snacks. As much as I asked my little guys to bring the bags home to reuse them, it just never happened...until I created reusable cloth bags out of their favorite fabrics. Thus "WasteNot Saks" was born -- they treasure their bags and would not imagine just tossing them and they are now also more conscious about reusing and recycling in general. I have some incredible upcycled art on my desk to prove it:).

Thank you to Kwan for being a member and for allowing us to be ourselves. Thanks to you also for doing your part in the environment.

Be sure to check out her shop on Etsy HERE.
Check out this great article I wrote about her HERE.

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