Monday, May 31, 2010

Spotlight Award January 2010

Steampunk Music Art Guitar Sculpture
When I saw Lucid Dreamer's shop, who is a new addition to the Etsy Recyclers Guild Team, I knew they were something special and I'm so glad to welcome them aboard. I was taken away by their reclaimed creations, because they aren't just thrown together---they are carefully collaged bits of discarded items that are slowly worked together to tell a wonderful story. Eric and Celeste have taken much love for recycled, discarded, or trash objects reclaiming them into wonderful works of art.

Take a look at the attention to detail in their whimsical fairy art sculpture here, (Steampunk Fairy Doll Radar Angel) that retails for only only $55. It is just so cute.
Steampunk Fairy Doll Radar Angel

Another favorite is the detail in this flying insect that retails for only $85 and is actually made from found objects. The detail is just amazing so I'm including shots from all angles.

(Donned Steampunk Sculpture Fantasy Insect Found Objects):
Steampunk Sculpture  Fantasy Insect Found Objects
Steampunk Sculpture  Fantasy Insect Found Objects
Steampunk Sculpture  Fantasy Insect Found Objects
Steampunk Sculpture  Fantasy Insect Found Objects
Perhaps they say it best in their BIO, which tells more about them here:

(Official Etsy Bio)

From a luscious green valley in Western Oregon, Eric and Celeste have been creating all kinds of art from many media over the years. We are enthusiastic recyclers! Celeste works primarily in glass, metal, pastels and watercolors. Eric is a musician as well as an artist, so he works with musical instruments as well as mixed media, including collage, painting, assemblage and sculpture. Sometimes we work on pieces together. When we do, the alchemy of collaboration gives our work greater depth. Our ongoing journey of shared experience, learning and growth is reflected in our work, and we love sharing our vision with others through it. Each piece is unique, based on available materials and the creative whim of the moment.

So, this is my pick for January 2010 - with a new year comes these awesome new creations from Eric and Celeste. Thanks for doing your part for the green earth by upcycling and reusing these bits and scraps and turning them into wonderfully affordable art items!

I'm off to check out their wonderful selection of collaged art and found object necklaces:
Collaged Found Object Necklace OOAK
Techno Tribal Found Object Necklace OOAK Steampunk
And you can too by clicking HERE.

NOTE: I have also published this article about Lucid Dreamers on Associated Content for added exposure, read it HERE.

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