Saturday, May 22, 2010

Willowing: A Happy Artist Community

willowing & friends
You may have heard the name - as she is a fellow Etsian. Willowing's Etsy shop is usually full of mixed media art, anything from art prints, cards, photography and ACEOs can be found here. From time to time, there are even things that pop up and surprise me like Tweedles (sold out for now) and these adorable clay houses (still available but going quick!)
Love Houses
Little Clay House of Care
Of course I totally love her mixed media collage and artwork!

Butterfly Girl by willowing.
This is my favorite, called "Butterfly Girl" mixed media on canvas.
Note: The upcycled book pages.....LOVE HER!
The beauty and brains behind this shop is Tamara LaPorte, who is in the United Kingdom, last I heard in Brighton, England. Well educated, a darn good photographer and a true professional, she has created an artist network to bring others together. What I love about her is she likes to share her creativity with others--and has become an inspiration to others. I find the art world is made up of two types of people, those who enrich other's lives and share, and those who don't and keep to themselves. I'm happy to report Tamara is absolutely NOT the latter. :)
Princess on a Swing by willowing.
"Princess on a Swing"
She has wonderfully informative videos on YouTube where you can watch her paint, and draw, and see her works come together (not to mention learn things in the process.) Those can be viewed HERE. My favorite has to be this "How to Make an Art Glass Pendant" !
If you want to learn right off the bat, workshop DVD's are available in her Etsy shop where you can learn everything from how to draw whimsical characters to how to do shabby art journals (and she offers a discount when you purchase both!)
World of Whimsy - Mixed Media Art Workshop
She has gone a step further, to create a happy community environment where artists can bond and network with other artists on the NING network. Enter WILLOWING & FRIENDS Although networking with other like minded individuals can be priceless, this for you is FREE--as belonging here is no charge at all to you. The tone here is, everyone is welcome and everyone is awesome!

There is much to do here, so I'll just highlight a few things:
Monthly Art Challenge
Monthly Art Challenges (Totally interactive and everyone is welcome to enter)

Help and Inspirational Links (when you need it most!)

Informational Videos (love them)

View Art Photos (view others and add your own!)

Forums (filled with tons of topics and a plethora of information too!)

Chat with other like minded artists who hang out in the Willowing chat rooms! (open 24/7)

Workshops- These usually do require a fee but are very interactive, you can learn to paint, draw, or make shabby backgrounds, etc from the comfort of your own home! I've personally been a member on this site for some time, and the feedback on these classes is amazing. The best part is you don't have to know how to paint or draw--you can learn it. I really love this idea as it would be great to incorporate these wonderful drawing and painting techniques onto something upcycled--turn an old barn board into a work of art! Repurpose an old ceiling tile with cute little people on it, the possibilities are endless.

So, Willowing earns my Seal of Approval. With 1000 members and growing it's no wonder why she is an international sensation. I do hope you will check out her NING community and join me there. It's a very positive place and I'm happy be there.


Find out more at her Free NING Artist Community HERE or by following this link
To find out more about Tam visit her on her personal site at
Visit her Etsy store to see her work HERE.[05+Hufupukar_0001-88.jpg]
Authors Note: I joined three Ning art groups some time ago, to check them all out, undercover I suppose. Two out of three I loved, and Tam's is my personal #1 choice for having a happy fun place to belong and network with others.


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