Saturday, May 22, 2010

Window Shopping at Camelot Jewels = Upcycled + Vintage Combined

With so much WORK on my plate lately, I had to take some time to sneak way and shop on Etsy. (So therapeutic, even just window shopping!) I came across this wonderful shop, owned by Gina, from Birmingham, AL.  Gina combines vintage jewelry parts and pieces with her fashion expertise to give you one of a kind STATEMENT items with an upcycled twist. If you haven 't looked up Camelot Jewels on Etsy, you really need to. You won't be dissapointed.

The eye for mixing vintage treasure with upcycled remnants to give that one of a kind "gothic" or "edge" to her jewelry is astounding. Here are some of my favorite things from her shop:

Key-Statement Necklace only $32. 
This has to be my favorite.  The mix of elements make this a great impact necklace.
Buy it HERE.

This is really interesting, it's a Rosette Statement Necklace, only $38.  I really love the fact that upcycled parts of other items come together so well in this piece. Gina really has an eye for jewelry assemblage!  Buy it HERE.

This piece however, really takes the cake.  You won't have to worry about anyone having the same bracelet as you.  This upcycled gem is a one of a kind beauty and I love it,  at $24 this Olive Upcycled Revamped Bracelet makes a stunning gift idea.  Buy it HERE.

What I really love about Gina's shop is that she takes the old and makes it new again.  No need to go to the modern day boutique and buy that "made overseas mass produced crap" when you can sit in the comfort of your favorite chair and buy from home at Camelot Jewels\, knowing you are getting authentically vintage componets mixed and matched with an edge--or as she calls it "Vintage Reborn."

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