Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Recycled Wares : Keeping Vintage Alive

I'm a vintage junkie, and I was thrilled to learn of Nerrissa from RecycledWares joining our group.  She is from Fort Worth, Texas and does her part to rescue and re-offer these way cool vintage items. 

Check out this great 60's can for only $16 in her shop .

When I first joined Etsy, vintage was something they weren't 100% sold on.  Vintage sellers had to unite and fight for the same "type" search results as the other categories.  There was a time we were in fear that vintage would go away.  Etsy did love vintage items, however, their aim was a handmade (and supply) marketplace.  It's no wonder that because repurposing and reusing vintage items is a way to reduce the carbon footprint - that it was bound to stay.  (Maybe in part by modern day divas like Rachel Ray  with her retro kitschy items and Martha Stewart who show that vintage can be functional as well as decorative and go hand in hand with crafting and other daily activities...) 

Imagine Rachel Ray whipping up something in this mod enamelware casserole at $30.

Nerrissa says, "With so many items being discarded, our mission is to rescue as many items as we can (within reason) and present them to the arts & crafts and collector's world. We work with local businesses and families to find items that are no longer of use to them. All the treasures we find are in good condition, but just need a second home. The space in our home and our budget will only allow for so many rescues, but you can be certain, that if you find it within our marketplace, it was a rescued ware."

  Martha Stewart could transform these 93 vintage swatches, $10 into a masterpiece !

Nerrissa keeps busy promoting her shop, and has opened two new shops on Etsy. House of Mirth offers the best in Clay, Wood and Paper Arts and Paper Picker which offers the best in vintage paper.  

Find our more about her here:


Or go visit her Etsy shop now!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely article. I love the ideas that Nerrissa has for rescued items and giving them a second chance. She has so many great useful items that can be incorporated back into your home, or used in altered art. She has a great talent and a wonderful eye for art. I think her handmade items in House of Mirth on Etsy showcase her talents. Thank you for sharing her with us in this cool blog!

SerendipiT said...

I always purchase vintage or make it myself before I even consider buying it in a store, so I'm so glad to know that there is a great new shop as committed to providing vintage items as I am to buying them :)

YanniCreations said...

Great job Nerrissa.

I love vintage as much as I adore handmade recycled stuff. I salute you for taking your civic and social responsibility on a higher level by rescuing these wares bound to the landfill for some.

Your shops are amazing!


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