Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Trends

Are you in the middle of designing upcycled jewelry and/or accessories for those hot summer months?  Here are some tips from Real Simple Magazine.  Remember to pick up your favorite fashion magazine to get those tips about colors and trends that are happening right now.  Use that knowledge in designing your jewelry and accessories.

Real Simple states that the summer trends are:
  • Sea Blue Touches:  All the colors of the ocean - from  pop of turquoise to a swath of deep indigo - will bring coolness to the simplest of basics.  Think a white linen shirt, easy tan trousers, or a pale gray shirt
Big Chunky AQUA Ring by ChersPassion , a real steal at only $5.

  • Back To Nature:   Anything olive, tan, beige, brown, rust, or even a spicy shade of mustard - by pairing them with new accents inspired by organic shapes and natural materials.
 Shell Bracelet in natural hues and components is so elegant , $20, by MWGregory .
  • Bright Colors:  THE BRIGHTER, THE BETTER! It is a no-brainer that you can punch up any outfit  with a vibrant shade, but why night mix colors for maximum impact and extra versatility?  Slip on green flats with a yellow shirt.  Have a fuchsia dress? Carry an orange clutch.  Or try crimson sunglasses with a purple top.

Remember that when you are finished with that fashion magazine...cut it up, tear it up, make a beautiful bracelet and earrings out of it!

YanniCreations creates gorgeous jewelry out of paper, like this decoupaged Map Bangle, $18!


Shellie McLaughlin said...

Thank you for these cool tips. I will be sure to add a bright colored sea glass bracelet bought from the RECYCLERS with my bright fuschia and yellow attire.

YanniCreations said...

Thank you for the nice feature. Great tips too.


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