Thursday, June 3, 2010

Yarashi ( )

Shop Name:  Yarashi  (va de neuevo)

Owner:          Yara Salazar and Marta Hidalgo

Location:  San Jose California ( Costa Rica, UK, global! )

Shop Link:

vadenuevo is an ecodesign project by Yara Salazar and Marta Hidalgo, that's seeking to improve the use of resources. 

They explain, "We start with used leather clothes that have been discarded due to damages or fashion trends. The idea is to make good use of second-hand materials, designing and putting together a new handbag from recycled leather. We create totally new, modern products  while reducing the amount of waste. This makes gorgeous bags out of upcycled leather coats. "

For more information, be sure to check out Yarashi's website

or check out their Etsy shop today!

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tropAcool/Laura said...

Great stuff and beautiful designs!


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