Thursday, July 15, 2010

Turning Trash into Treasure

by Sarah
For the past week I have been pounding the pavement in Brooklyn looking for my first New York apartment. During my daily outings, I often come across piles of unwanted items being thrown out. Some piles are neatly organized as if they are for sale, while others are just large heaps which require some scavenging. But always, there is plenty to choose from. From wood scraps to old sofas…from clothing to old books…it seems like every corner I turn I find a homeless item patiently waiting to be upcycled into something great!

Check out what some fabulous members of the Etsy Recyclers Guild have done with items otherwise bound for the dump.

Pop Can Tab Bracelet by AmbidextrousOctopus

Denim Tote Bag by wrapcycle

Upcycled stool by shemakesremakes

Upcycled vintage shirt by Brokenghostcouture

Salt and pepper shakers made from old chair legs by kentuckygreen

Next time your out on trash night, don't forget to take a peak at that heap…just maybe you too will find something worth turning into a great treasure!

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LizzieCaye said...

Great article!! I love the pop can tab bracelet!! So very cool to be part of a group that really sees new life in old things.

shemakesremakes said...

Thanks for featuring the stool. Love those salt n' pepper pots.


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