Sunday, August 15, 2010

Contest Winner: Erin Stevens & RePlayground

We have a winner!    I would like to congratulate the lovely Erin Stevens of ErinsApparel , one of our very own team members.  Erin's shop on Etsy features couture Indie clothing and garage fashions.  She comes to us all the way from Vilinius, Lithuania, Europe!  Erin has successfully found us an affiliate who has agreed to "link us in" now featuring our avatar on their links page!

Introducing, RePlayground!

RePlayground is a commercial site for the upscale environmentalist.  They have a large following thanks to a huge amount of press they've received over the past few years (being featured everywhere from Rachel Ray to CNN!)  They currently have over 105 other sites linking in! 
Just a few of the many places they've been featured.....
RePlayground teaches reuse tips to the DIY crafter, and talks often of go-greener tips which promotes recycling.  They work side by side with sites like TerraCycle to encourage people to donate overstock of goods, which can then be turned into crafts or workshop classes.  That's not all - they are also a retailer. They offer DIY kits which people who want to make a go-green project can purchase in an all in one easy to do kit. 

I'm glad we will be a part of their Links page,which  is now link people right to our blog!~

So what did Erin Win? 

Value Prize Pack Valued Over $100.00!!!

ONE YEAR of LOWER SIDEBAR ADVERTISING & CUSTOM LOGO on our site, advertising your store plus a custom made by ChersPassion, and placed on our blog for ONE YEAR (*or unless your shop goes inactive)  (Value = $40) Note: If you already have purchased an ad with us it will be extended!

A COOL BAG  A super cool cotton carry all bag- great for toting around your sandals, book and sunscreen! The bag is approximately 10x12" and great for the end of summer lazy days.  (Images and colors of the bag may vary from what you see below)  (Value $12) Donated by ReLove

A GOOD BOOK An artist and author SIGNED book to read in those last lazy days of summer, a romance set in fairy tale land great for all ages by Ira Mency, donated by RetroChalet(Value $20)
 ISBN: 1-4415-0883-X (Trade Paperback 6x9 )
A CRAFTING PACK  containing 100 pieces of scrapbooking papers including vintage playing cards, old paper, book pages, new scrapbooking snippets, vintage advertisements, words, or pictures, and even old advertising memorabilia.  These items are great for collage, mixed media, design, and scrap booking.  Below is an example of what you may get...donated by RetroChalet, (Value $20)
 SECRET VINTAGE GIFT!   Add a touch of vintage into your life with a cool vintage gift, this is a surprise donated by RetroChalet, but will be something swell and kitschy!  (Value $10-$20)


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