Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wrapcycle Is In The Spotlight

Summer Spotlight
Award Winner:  WrapCycle
Winner of the Team Vote!

Eco Padded iPad Wraps in 3 Different Colors, $42

Thanks to a huge team vote, I'm proud to spotlight WRAPCYCLE and Janet Michal of Atlanta, Georgia as this summer's Etsy Recycler's Guild award winner. Janet walked away from a corporate job in July of 2009 to concentrate full time on her business.  Let's learn more.

Janet says, "All things environmental and ecological are my passion  I drive very little and when I do it's in my Prius; I compost and recycle like mad; and I garden organically and sustainably - so this shop is a natural evolutionary step."

Eco Passport Cover Globe Trotter $14

Her creations combine her eco-consciousness with her ability to offer attractive designs at affordable prices. Earth-friendly cases for laptops, accessories such as passport covers and business card holders are just a few things you'll find.  Combined with custom detailing and embroidery, her fashions are both practical and useful.

Custom Embroidery 16-50 Characters, $5

Success and determination have made Janet's fashions a household name, and she works on her business in many ways, not just in her Etsy shop. She is a weekly vendor at the East Atlanta Village farmers market; has her own website, http://www.wrapcycle.com/; and most important, is seeking to expand her wholesale business. Janet goes the extra mile for her wholesale customers - primarily college and university bookstores - by offering a seasonal catalog in PDF format and special pricing. 

Catalog in PDF format is a great addtion to the Wrapcycle website.

Janet says, "I partner with local recycling centers and thrift stores for materials.  I love cruising yard sales for interesting fabrics. There's not much I can't use! I am especially excited about the partnership I formed recently with a local fabric manufacturer to take on their samples and remnants. They informed me that they would have to throw them away if they couldn't find someone to give them to, so this is a real win-win situation."

The "Wrapcycle Workroom"

I must admit, I'm jealous Janet was able to leave her corporate job behind.  I ask if she has any regrets?  She explains, "I've never been happier and I've never looked back. One of the things I like best is getting ideas for new products from my customers. I started with LapTopWraps (which are laptop bags and sleeves), but my customers had visions of other products that could be made from recycled fabrics, and I was and am happy to try to realize their visions as well my own."  

A customer suggestion led to these Eco Business Card Holders, sets for $75  

Eco Padded LapTopWrap Sleeve with Fruit $28, is what Wrapcycle is known for!

Janet continues to market and promote her product on many greenie sites offers sales and promotions, in addition to using social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Her drive, determination and keen eye for fashion and quality craftsmanship are to be commended   Please visit her shop on Etsy, or contact her for special orders at 404-219-1980.


42 things said...

your workroom is so lovely and spacious! congrats on your winning this feature :) You deserve it!

Janet said...

Thank you! I'm thrilled to be in the Spotlight this month - what an honor.

Love is My Religion said...

Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

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