Friday, September 17, 2010

End of Summer Rain Contest - $100 prize pack

Spring and Summertime are my busiest seasons for "my real job" and so with that during the months of March thru September I tend to get ZERO days off and travel constantly with my husband's busy business.  You may think this is exciting to get to see so many places but I work double what I would any other time of the year.  Six months of 18 hour days can really wear you down.  I don't get to enjoy the sounds of spring crickets chirping or the hot sun of summer like the rest of you, and my garden is a prime example of neglect and lack of time.  I look foward to the sounds of the End-of-summer-rain.  You know the kind, when it starts to cool down and you can open your doors and windows and hear the soft sprinkle of the end of summer rain.  Just enough to glisten the yard, and only loud enough to put you to sleep like a lullaby.

When the weather cools down and the cool rains come I know I'm almost at 4th quarter and in for my time off from helping my husband, where I can focus mainly on my own career.  I usually take a whole week to catch up on much needed sleep.  Then November I run away and spend the month in my Maine home looking out at the lovely lake and that's when I do most of my writing, charity work and artwork, because it's so neglected the other times in my life.  Hubby knows not to bother me between October and February, that's my time.

With that said, I'm donating a $100 prize pack to the lucky winner of this contest. Yep, you can thank good 'old RetroChalet & RetroChaletStudio for that.

RetroChalet is where I sell most of my vintage and supply items. You can also find some handmade here too.

RetroChaletStudio is where some of my artwork and jewelry is sold. All is made from upcycled trash.  I use my artwork mainly to raise money for causes and charities.  I sold a sculpture for $1200 to benefit one of my favorite organizations.


1)  A HAND!
A way cool glove mold, valued at $32, size 8.  These blow out of my shop!   I used to use them as catering centerpiece decorations.  They came from a factory that used them at one time to mold gloves.  I found loads in their original boxes, some were from New Jersey and some from Germany.  The factory had closed in 1991 but the molds were sitting around longer,  they looked lovely at weddings on tables to put flowers in the fingers.  They are at least 20 years old.  The fingers are a tad large for rings unless you have adjustable ones, but the mold itself is great for: bracelet display, necklace display, art display, halloween decorations or a centerpiece.

The Prism, by Ira Mency, signed by artist  Donald Booker and author is a fantasy novel love story fun for all ages, (Value $19.95!)~  ISBN:  1-4415-0883-X (Trade Paperback 6x9 )


ONE YEAR of LOWER SIDEBAR ADVERTISING & CUSTOM LOGO on our site, advertising your store which I will make myself  (nothing fancy but hey it's an ad!!) for ONE YEAR (*or unless your shop goes inactive)  (Value = $50+ as our blog grows so does the advertising rate and cost to make) Note: If you already have purchased an ad with us it will be extended!


Mystery gift of vintage (Value $10-$20)

 This could be ephemera, kitchenalia, jewelry, or anything vintage related, it's a suprise!

That's over $100, plus shipping !!!  International customers are included in this contest !



Get one qualified affiliate to list our banner or avatar to link to our site for at least a year. This would be a commercial website that fits the qualifications below and hits our target audience. In turn, we will add them to our affialiate page and advertise them.  Why?  Because cross linking and advertising works!

You can use the banner from top of this blog!  Or, contact me for an approved avatar!

What does not qualify? Your site, a personal site, blog, or active team member's site. A site that does not hit our target audience. *note exceptions to the rule below.

Who is our target audience? Our target audience is 18-55 (women primarily.) Therefore, your father's construction website will not qualify I'm sorry to say.

What does qualify and where should I look? A commercial site other than your own that has been established at least one year and will hit our target audience. This can be someone you know or don't know. Green living, crafting sites, professional blog sites with a large following that have to do with Etsy or Crafting, or Selling may also work.

How do I do this?   Simply contact the site owner and explain who you are, and that you belong to the Etsy Recyclers Guild group, who would love to advertise them in exchange for advertising us.  Tell them how we incorporate recycled goods into our work and wares, and tell them what a great free opportunity it is.  We would like to be advertised for at least 6 months to a year. Tips for getting them to link us: We promote recycling, reusing, and sustainability. Our blog is growing and traffic is forthcoming, therefore in turn we will link their site, cross promoting them. Great places to solicit are craft blogs or sites, DIY blogs or sites, green products blogs or sites. 

Exceptions: If you have a personal blog or website that hits our target audience, and has over 500 followers or high traffic, do submit this information to me for consideration. If you have several blogs that you can get to do this, and the total traffic combined is 500, then submit this information to me for consideration.


Anyone.  In the event of a tie, preference given to Active Team Members.

If you are not a member of our group, you will be if you win! 

Intenational and domestic customers can apply.

Contest is open until someone wins and ad has been placed and verified.

Questions?  Contact me via RetroChalet shop or email me at but this does take time for me to answer. 


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