Thursday, October 7, 2010

In the Spotlight: LizzieCaye

It only seemed appropriate to spotlight Elizabeth Patel, for October, who is wonderful in more ways than one.  Not only  has she been such a wonderful addition to our team, and helping grow this site--but even more so, her handmade Lizzie Caye designer bags are amazing.
The "Classic Lizzie" in blues and pinks
Without her the blog as it is today would not be possible.  I often wonder, as I look at her pretty creations  how does she do it?  Where does it all happens?  Originally from North Dakota, now transplanted in Dallas, Texas, Liz is happy creating what she loves--and this love shows in her craftsmanship and quality original designs. 
This recycled purse was a quick seller.
Ruffles add flair to her sophisticated designs. This one comes in many colors like pink.
Careful detailing means everything.
Here is where the magic happens.  Her sewing machine is often covered with remnants of a work-in-progress.
Creations kept in eco-friendly totes aka cardboard boxes! A bag holds recycled scrap paper for packaging materials.
 Liz explains, "A normal day with me involves a ton of running up and down the stairs. Let me regress for a moment to explain how I got my very own giant studio in my home.  About 2 1/2 years ago my father-in-law passed away.  My mother-in-law does not drive, or make any form of decision without her husband.  It became obvious that she would need to live with us.  She didn't live incredibly far from where we did, but long enough that it would have been harder to take care of her from a distance, even if the distance was only 15 miles. We looked for existing homes, and couldn't find anything that wouldn't have needed a major overhaul.  So we decided to build in a planned community (meaning we had a set of home plans we could choose from).  We picked this community because the specifically had a plan that had a bedroom with its own en suite bathroom.  While we were making all these plans we decided to add the 1/2 story option of a game room upstairs, so that my hubby wouldn't ever have to look at my mess again....."

This wire mannequin proves to be a good note board for Liz. 
Thanks to the addition of her mother-in-law, Liz was able to have her very own space and a built in computer niche in which she explains, " I can create as I desire."  She says, "I have a nifty entry to the attic where I store all my boxes for shipping and LOADS of other stuff.  This really has helped me keep my room a bit neater.  Beyond that I use a ton of paper grocery bags to sort out my fabric and felt. "
Sometimes the best organizational system, is a simple one.  

So, amidst the cardboard boxes and paper bags of fabric and felt,  add some of  Liz  keen eye for design and out comes unique and eclectic designs like this Knock 'em Dead Purse!!
Liz prides herself on using upcycled and reclaimed fabrics in her LizzieCaye Etsy shop .
For more information on Liz, please visit her personal website HERE.

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erinsapparel said...

What a great story! And beautiful bags of course.


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