Monday, October 18, 2010

Repurposed Chalkboards

Everyday, I see the talent in people when it comes to Creative Reuse. Sometimes it's the little things I wouldn't have thought of myself, such as a driftwood key chain, or a milk cap necklace.  I really get excited looking for some projects that I wanted to do myself, but put off due to lack of time.  So, when lack of time persists, the crafty go shopping. Today I'm talking about chalkboards!

Like the ones I so love at RevivedVintage, spectacular "Red Syroco" for only $45. 

Oh yeah, gotta love it from SoZealous.   For a bargain $10, it's worth scarfing up.

The best thing about repurposed chalkboards is there are plenty options to accentuate your decor, or to give as gifts. With so many frames, styles, and colors available, shopping should be fun!  If you aren't into the bright funky mod lime green above, what about this more subtle frame (and noted as a great wedding gift)  from PoshPilfer?

 This original vintage frame is wedding white and waiting for you at PoshPilfer's shop for only $55.00.

I guess I'm partial to the colors no one else has.  This pink frame really caught my eye, it's a simple upcycled frame, but the seller's choice of pastel pink is great.  Wouldn't this look lovely in a little girls' room?
For $22, PlayingGrownUp really has it going on with this chalkboard.  
How cute this would look in a little girl's room.

So I was thinking, what about the holidays?  What if I could find the time to make some mini chalkboards, or do some jars (leftover canning jars that could then again be reused) and fill 'em with art supplies or candy?   Wouldn't that be a great idea.  So I happened across these adorable chalkboard labels from  BradensGraceWallArt.   Not to mention, the entire store is chock full of chalk labels!  How cute they are and what a great idea!
A real steal for $6.80 at BradensGraceWallArt for 12 labels here.  

Then there's always the "hard person to shop for."  You know the kind.  It's the person who has everything or is ultra picky, so you strive to find them something totally different in hopes they don't already have it.  How's this for a OOAK item, this vintage-restaurant-window turned chalkboard.  I love the original great shabby condition! 

Shabby Chalks offers this one for $129, but has many others in stock in their Etsy shop.

I kept looking and I really liked this one, yet another window, but the kind that goes with any decor.  I imagined this in a country cottage kitchen next to the phone nook with phone numbers scribbled on it. 

 Offered by EngagedandInspired, a real deal for $45 and a great gift idea.

Sometimes I'm floored by things that I didn't know even existed. While I was shopping, I found this great shop that offers all kinds of vinyl chalkboard decals that stick to your wall.  What a fun idea for the student at college or the office worker to hang in their office.  Easily-cleaned and waiting for you to scribble your chalky notes on, I suppose you can consider this a way to "repurpose" your existing decor with only a subtle change.  I was thinking about that tiny nail hole I've been meaning to cover up and I can simply save money from re-wallpapering or painting that damaged area by slapping one of these guys on.  So many designs are available, from frame-like ones to guitars!)I like this one, maybe I'm a wee dramatic?

This one as offered by SpellitoutDesigns is called "Bird on a Branch", only $26. Love this.

I still can't help thinking I ought to get that chalkboard paint and do up my doors in my home like the ones I saw back in 2008 on the inspirational blog: "Rethink and Reuse".  I also had seen the same type thing in the "DIY" section of Southern Living.

Instead of painting my old fridge again, if  I get really tired of playing with the magnets all over it, why not do it up like the "Noisettes" did in 2007?  I love this, but think the hubby would not agree.

This family tells you all about it in their blog post HERE on their Noisettes blog.

I have to admit I'm not this brave and I probably wouldn't have done the globe-thing myself, but seeing the finish project makes me thing any dad or teacher would really appreciate this on their desk.

So, instead of wasting all that paper writing notes in your kitchen to your kids, hubby, or partner, why not invest in these great finds?  If you are really looking for a fun and inexpensive weekend project with the family, do up your door like a chalkboard!


Vivian said...

Thanks so much for including my chalkboard in your blog! :) This is a beautiful collection!

RekindleMe said...

Wonderful group of chalkboards! I enjoy looking at the creations of 'green' people!

Amy said...

It's always great to make old new again...and practical! Thanks so much :)

Heather said...

I really like the bird on a branch. That's so cool!

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