Sunday, October 17, 2010

Team News

Soooooooo much exciting news and so little time!

First off, I've been working on the blog like crazy lately.  The "shop by item" page is now updated to reflect most popularly used categories.  I'm not a graphic design guru, but at least it's a start. Here's a preview:

Shop our most popular categories by clicking the photograph! 


Been updating tags on two-hundred-and-some-posts to show more search terms, in case someone searches our blog it will be easier for them to find you, and the products you offer.  This is very time consuming and I'll finish it when I can. 


We are going to have a holiday ad campaign on Everything Etsy!

Everything Etsy
The link will take customers HERE to the team tag search.  There are several thousand of these items listed at all times, but at least people will be directed to our tag page, this is the only fair way to do it.  This will take effect VERY SOON and I'm using store funds which will cover almost two months of it. (*Unless my grant request from Etsy gets approved, then we will have more than two months paid, but please note with over 796 teams competing for grants, you figure our chances of winning.)

So, the good news is: This will cover most of November into December, a great little holiday campaign.  

Make sure you are using the proper TEAM TAG*** and listing regularly for maximum exposure. I would also like everyone to take note of their analytics and report to me at the end of the campaign how many hits you had from "Everything Etsy."    (***be sure to read Tag Mayhem below)

NOTE:  If anyone else would like to donate items to the team store, please let myself or ReLove know and we will get you a password to list your item.  Unfortunately I will miss the entire first month of this promotion as I have to put my store on hold, but please know I will still have internet access so do contact me with questions.  

Also, I found a few shops using the team tag who were not team members, so if you notice anyone doing this please let me know so I can nicely ask them to stop (or join?).


Though we may get new members or have members coming off, Etsy Teams has put a "temporary hold" on updates to our Etsy Recyclers Profile Team page.  Their reason?  A very good one! They are working on the beta-testing of the "groups" forums and this is a wee bit time consuming.  I believe they've been at this for a few months now. 
Etsy shows off it's beta testing.

Soon that makes my life as a Team Leader so much better, from what I hear, I can go in and update my own "team page", and create a real forum/group for us, which will be so much better than emailing updates, double checking they are done, and having Jo monitor the Etsy Forums and make new ones each week.  Did you know that there are  39,337 members in 796 teams and Etsy gets applications on them each day? 

I'm not sure whether to be scared or worried just yet, but in the midst of all these changes Etsy will be also working on their tagging dilemma (not now but down the road).  The initial problem was so many teams created their own tags (ours was approved by our team contact at Etsy) that they really do wish to streamline the tags having the word "team" in them.  From what I gather this is on the back burner but eventually they will prefer the word "team" somewhere in the tag.   Here is more about it:  CLICK HERE.   Don't do anything just yet, til we have to, which won't be for some time down the road.


The "My Etsy" application is going away November 3rd, but according to Etsy a page application will be available soon.  READ IT HERE.

More soon!


RekindleMe said...

Thank you so much for using my "Become" flower for the 'art' tag! You really have been busy and it looks fantastic!! Thank you for all of the information!

Ira Mency said...

I'm so glad you noticed :)

Janet said...

I am really impressed - what an incredible amount of work you've done. I don't know how you keep up with all these changes from etsy and keep our blog going strong and looking good. Thanks so much for everything you do for our team!

crochooley said...

I absolutely luv what the changes made ... wow, this really shows your talent, I'm impressed and jealous...

thank you for all your hard work ..

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