Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tee Tugs : Upcycled Pet Toys

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I'm pleased to welcome a new member to our team, the very creative Kaylin Carol who makes "Tee Tugs."  What are they you ask?  Adorable pet toys made of upcycled t-shirts!  That's right, full of special knots, these tugs will keep your loved ones busy!

Cats, don't fret, check out these tugs for your pretty kitty!

A real bargain, 8 kitty tugs for only $6, available here.

Dogs and precious pups, you'll never give up trying to tug and tug on these toys!
Dogs tugs range in price around $12.50, a real bargain, and come in lots of pretty colors!  Check 'em out here.

It's all in the knot, Kaylin has special gloves that allow her to tie those knots super tight, to allow your pet long hours of playtime.  Not only that, Kaylin's love for recycling and upcycling goes a step further. She ships her items the very special "CAREMAIL"  way, where she uses an ECO FRIENDLY packaging made from 95% recycled, 55% post-consumer materials. 
All design of products go through "pet approval" and quality checking for durability.

She was featured in People Magazine's online Pets section, make sure to read her article here.
Kaylin is a student living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  She is an artist and graphic designer, who loves pets and the environment.  Read more about her two very special cats, and more about her in her Etsy profile located here. 


RekindleMe said...

GREAT idea! I am going to pass this information onto a few friends!! You couldn't have picked a better 'pet approval' checker - what a cutie!!

Julianna Koh said...

What a great way to reduce waste!


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