Wednesday, October 27, 2010

To The Steel Fork on Etsy : I Think You're Tractor's Sexxxxyyyyyyyyy

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Side end table, here,  $470.

It's true, TheSteelFork Etsy shop has it going on! A shop from Bloomsberg, Pennsylvania, with many reclaimed items serving functional purposes. This handmade Farm Table Reclaimed Tractor Hood table is a real gem....I love old machinery.  Doesn't this serve as a great creative reuse functional way to save the best parts of something otherwise headed to the landfill or scrap pile?  I would love to have this in my home! 

Their shop banner proudly says "There's a Farm in Every Home!"  This store is definately worth a look-see.  The rare and unique is hidden here. This table was made from an Allis Chlamers Tractor--if you aren't a tractor buff, I can only tell you how rare they are, all the way from France! What a great way to preserve parts of the item forever!

Large Rare French Tractor Bar Table, $1495, check it out.

Did I mention, you don't have to like tractors to visit this store?  There are other things creatively repurposed, such as this Cleaver Butcher Recycled Kitchen Hook.  At $75, it is a great gift idea for the person who has everything.

There's also signs made of reclaimed machinery, given new life serving as great home decor, like this!

For only $26, this sign is just the right flavor for your home!

Not only is this a great store, but their way of reclaiming items is just marvelous.  I'm sharing this with the Etsy Recyclers Guild Team first chance I get.

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WOW! interesting stuff...smiles.


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