Thursday, November 11, 2010

1st Annual Etsy Recyclers Guild Holiday Gift Swap Front Page News

1st Annual Gift Swap
Theme:  "Let no distance stop us from swapping gifts!"

Holiday gift swaps are common on Etsy, or in local groups where everyone gets together and does a gift exchange.  Some of you do them at work, or in your local craft club.  

Although our team is global, I don't see why with a few set standards, we can't do something similar.  Why should we let a little distance hurt us?  So, with a few rules here's how it would work--and we can work out the kinks later pending your feedback from this first annual event!

How do I join?
To participate in the gift swap, leave a comment below with your Etsy store name by November 26th, 2010. Make sure to read all the info below.
Who do I swap with?
I will assign you a "partner" after I tally up all the names and do an "old fashioned" gift draw....meaning you would agree to "CONVO" your partner and obtain their mailing address and send a gift.  (I will contact everyone via CONVO to their Etsy shop by November 27th.)   No worries, YOU WILL HAVE A PARTNER!

Aren't we a global team, how would this work? 
If you are assigned to swap Domestic to Domestic - your gift should be a value of around $15 (this is what you would "sell it on Etsy" for, not what it would actually cost you) and something you can send first class mail or priority light weight would be ideal - to give you a grand total of around $20-$22 shipped.  

If you are assigned Domestic - International or International - International - your gift should be around $10-$12  value (this is what you would "sell it on Etsy" for, not what it would actually cost you), and under 1 lb, (the lighter the better) so that you may obtain first class international rates which to most areas between 4 oz and 10 oz range between $9 and $12 still averaging your gift total around $20-$22. *NOTE:  International stores may want to check out their local rates to ship to USA before agreeing to be a gift swapper! 

A few simple rules you must agree to: 

  • You will check your convos on or after November 27th and send your partner your name and mailing address by November 30th.  If you like a few things in their shop, tell them, so they have a better idea "what to get you for the holidays!) 

  • You promise to send your gift no later than December 10th.  (USA to International destinations like Central or South America, or Africa by December 3rd)  Keep your receipt or tracking information in case of any problems.

  • You promise not to open your gifts until Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, or whatever holiday it is you celebrate!  

Make sure you thank your partner and I hope you love your gift.  It would great help if you take some photos of you and your new gift and send me your feedback to RetroChalet .  We may be able to tell Etsy about this and see if we make it to the front page :)

Not only will you now get a gift for the holidays, but you will network with another member thru the wonderful thing called gift exchange!
Sign up today!


Michelle said...

I'm in! Sounds awesome!

Ira Mency said...

I'm in so that makes two. RetroChalet or RetroChaletStudio

relove said...

Sign me up!

Erin said...

I'm in:
Erin from Garage Couture

Janet said...

Sounds like fun, count me in.

Heather said...


How fun! I'd like to add both of my shops (so I guess I would count as two people???). I can do international or domestic:

Please let me know if you need any other info.

Thank you! :)

LizzieCaye said...

I'm in!!

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse Vintage said...

Count me in!

Le-Chat said...

Looks like we can use a few more... sign me up I love swaps!



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