Friday, November 19, 2010

Amanda Bess Allen Jewelry Creations Are Here: Manda 216 on Etsy

I adore the colors in this cuff bracelet.  Amanda makes them all unique.
Amanda Bess Allen comes to us out of   Dexter, Michigan. She's a vegan jewelry maker and crafter in the Manda216 shop on Etsy. She uses upcycled and recycled goods in her work and designs.  Amanda's creations are unique, spunky, and the color palettes she chooses for her work, flow together lovely.

This necklace demonstrates Amanda's amazing ability to use different components for a unique look.
Surely wearing one of these pieces would have people asking, "Who designed that?"  Her work is on display and available in the Mona Lisa Salon in Dexter, Michigan.
Click here to visit the salon for hours and more info. 

Amanda says, "Recycling is an important part of my life. Many of my shop items are made with recycled paper or vintage parts. I like to recycle or reuse anything that I can, and I love to makeover old pieces and give them a fresh start."

Natural shells really set this necklace off. 
 She says, "I like making all different types of things and working with different materials.
 I love color, and I love pieces that are funky and unique."
Handmade Paper Beads and a gorgeous color palette adorn this necklace.
When not making jewelry, Amanda is finding the beauty in nature and taking wonderful photographs like these gorgeous pumpkins....

Photography by Amanda Bess Allen, click HERE to visit photo gallery.

Find Amanda on TWITTERETSY, and check out her Personal Photography Website!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful jewelry! Nice to see someone contribute economically while still being ecologically conscious.

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