Wednesday, November 17, 2010

DIY :Makeup Mirror Stocking Stuffers Compact Reuse Kid Friendly Craft Project

Makeup Mirror Stocking Stuffers are huge around my part of the woods.  This cute little idea can be done by you or with the family for a fun added touch at the holidays. This is also a great craft project for teachers to do with their kids. 

Throughout the year I save all my old powder compacts that I've used, or the ones I get as gifts and never use. They are hard plastic, and not normally recyclable, so I’ve found another use for them. If you aren’t a powder diva, ask a few friends, and something is bound to turn up. The bottom of most powders, blushers, or eyeshadow containers have a metal insert where the actual makeup was. These are glued with a tacky glue that should become gooey if you soak the entire thing in hot water, allowing you to pry the insert off.

STEP ONE: Soak the container and pry the metal insert, (if there is one) out with a butter knife. Clean out the old makeup out of all the crevices. In this case, the compact looks really scuffed and scratched up, but no worries, because it’s going to transform into something lovely.

Metal Insert comes out with a little hot water soaking and a butter knife!
STEP TWO: Gather your supplies: Paper, Scissors, Elmers or Mod Podge Glue, and a paint brush. When it comes to paper, there’s nothing you shouldn’t use. Scrapbooking supplies, old magazines, bits of paper bags, newspaper or old books laying around will make great cup ups for this project. If this is a special present from a child, a hand colored picture would look lovely.

STEP THREE: Decorate the outside. In this example, I decided to make something for Melissa, (hence the M) , a blond retro girl who loves to read hence the vintage text on the cover. Three coats of Mod Podge made it very shiny, so the original scratched up condition wasn’t an issue.

STEP FOUR: After the cover dries, it’s time to add special touches on the inside area. I like to set the paper inside, pushing into the corners, to get the perfect creases for cutting. I did a mini collage inside here. I’ve even put some decorations on the mirror itself, but from trial and error learned that the glue atop the mirror make a real mess. Add at least three coats.

STEP FIVE: The back side should be a special place for you to add an inscription so choose something to glue down like you did in Steps 3 and 4. On this particular one, I cut out a Chiristmas decoration and that’s where I’ll use a marker later and do my “to” and “from” and my happy little message.

STEP SIX: Do a quick clean of the mirror, then fill it up with something special. Add some money, fold up a gift certificate, stick in a special pendant or necklace. In this case I’m filling it with pendants and as you can see, two large ones fit perfectly. You don’t need money to complete this gift. You can always choose to add in a “free yardwork”, “free babysitting”, or “free chores” coupon for an added touch.

Please share this idea with your friends!~

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