Friday, November 19, 2010

Harvest Moon By Hand: The Loveliest Stars I've Ever Seen

Meet  Ann, who is also known as the brains behind Harvest Moon by Hand, a gorgeous shop of paper window stars, creative reuse kits, decor, natural handmade toys and more.  A mom to two beautiful girls adopted from China,  Ann enjoys crafting and homeschooling.  Located in Scandia, Minnesota she stays busy  networking, spreading the "Creative Reuse Bug" and stocking her store with great items.

Felt mice are so adorable and a natural eco friendly gift idea!

She explains, "I have  been an avid recycler since childhood when we would bring our recycling to a recycling facility (this was before there was curbside recycling). Recycling and reuse is second-nature to me, and I'm happy to continue to add products in my shop that reflect this commitment.  "
Different levels of the CRC are available in her store.
Ann takes her love for recycling a step further encouraging others. She runs a "Creative Reuse Club" and offers basic and deluxe membership packages for this in her store. She explains, "Harvest Moon by Hand’s Creative Reuse Club (CRC) is open to any person who is interested in organic, natural, and recycled products and crafty project ideas. "  Included in the Deluxe Club Membership is an official member card, special discounts,  quarterly newsletters, and  sample pack!  More information available here.  What a great way to spread the Creative Reuse bug!

I am captivated by these window stars.
Ahhhh, the stars.  I've been admiring the many in her shop for some time now, as her store is stocked with them. Perhaps it is the colorful creation and choice of styles, the overlap of colors or bright hues, or just the simple fact that they will brighten your day and make you smile that makes them so desirable.  Skilled in origami, Ann explains, " I make the stars by hand-folding small squares of paper, overlaying the folded
paper, and then gluing them together to create different patterns."  They are so lovely.


Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Thanks for writing the article about Harvest Moon by Hand! I'm happy to be part of the team!

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