Saturday, November 27, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness : Gift to Lizzie Caye

Elizabeth Patel didn't know what she was getting into offering her technical expertise with this blog. In a year we've established a more professional look and added all our member's links.  It's no lie when I say that it took me an hour messing around with HTML in table format to do one shop, and when Liz offered to help I was more than gracious. She does what she can when she can and we are ever so grateful.

I've networked with one my favorite shops, EstateSaleTreasures who has over 6500 Sales to add Lizzie's shop to her announcement.

Vicki, whose a top Etsy Seller with shabby and primitive antiques and supplies, has graciously done so. Hopefully by this small addition to her shop announcement some of her customers will be inclined to take a peek into the wonderful shop of Lizzie Caye.

Thanks Liz for all you do!

Selling Tip:  Asking a top seller to put you in their shop announcement is a great way to get more exposure and drive traffic to your store.  The most one can say is "no." 

1 comment:

LizzieCaye said...

No, thank-you!! I've learned so much from y'all!! FYI the purse pic from above sold at my recent craft fair!!!


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