Friday, November 26, 2010

Team News

Tonight I'll be convo'ing shops that joined up for the First Annual Gift Swap, so tomorrow early check your Etsy convos so you can touch base with your new gift buddy!

TAG MAYHEM!  -->  WTH ??
I'm finding more and more people using our "Wastenot" tag that aren't members of our team.  I've been nicely emailing them and most said they thought this was a green term and they have been removing it.  Etsy prefers everyone using the word "team" after their tags to avoid such confusion and constant monitoring. Even though ours was approved -- most teams are transitioning to the new format which is a real pain but most are doing it slowly during "renewals" wherein you can edit tags.  Sadly even if we switch to "WastenotTeam" the search will still bring up "WasteNot" which would be the unauthorized people still using it.  So I'm wondering what you all think, if we should stick to our tag or switch to a better one?  It would have to be something with TEAM in the end.  So, think about this and we'll brainstorm something.

I normally wouldn't ask but please help this handmade jewelry member by putting a link to their store in your shop announcement if his wares do not conflict with yours.   He's been on Etsy awhile, but thanks to a crappy camera and slow dial up connection, he's only sold TWO ITEMS.  He's very frustrated and I've tried to help him, I think he needs to rethink tags and titles too.

Sorry the member directory updates are taking so long.  Liz & I are donating a lot of time but we don't nearly have enough spare time to do it as quick as we'd like so be patient with us. If some of you can write a blog story I have a few shops that need articles, so convo me at RetroChalet on Etsy.


42 things said...

How about ERG team ?

Heather said...

ERG Team is a good suggestion. Maybe EtsyRecyclersTeam?

Blogger said...

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