Sunday, January 16, 2011

HH Dollhouse: Vintage Green Upcycled Jewelry

Time to Meet HH Dollhouse!   This shop is from St. Paul, Minnesota!

Rhinestone Pendant, $14.99
"HH stands for Healthy Hands in recycling vintage garments, jewelry, and accessories of the past into today's modern woman or man. We sell earth friendly items: vintage, natural fabrics, and vintage made in USA items.! There is no additional carbon footprint because we're upcycling items!"
Modernist Brooch, $19.99

HH Dollhouse sells earth friendly items: vintage, natural fabrics, & vintage made in USA items. Jewelry is abundant in this shop and at great prices!

Bohemian Style Earrings $4.99

HH Dollhosue is also a member of the Independent Fashion Bloggers network, a few other teams on Etsy and does her part in recycling and being eco friendly!  Advice from HH Dollhouse in taking care of the earth is this:

1)You care for the land and water it; you enrich it abundantly.
2)Do not pollute the land where you live.

You can read more on her "Diary of a Vintage Lover " blog here.

Catch her:
On Etsy



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Healthy Hands... love that name........great post

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